Welcome To The Buddha Meditation Centre of Halton

The Buddha Meditation Centre of Halton is a place for everyone, regardless of background or experience, to learn and practice the ancient teachings of the Buddha. You will discover a like-minded community of people who are interested in finding happiness that is not based on endless consuming and accumulating more and more things. By learning and practicing the teachings of the Buddha, you will gain a peace and happiness that is not tied to the ups and downs of ordinary life.

Here in Acton, the Centre is led by monks ordained and trained in the oldest tradition of Buddhism, Theravada. Through their guidance we are able to provide many opportunities for you to learn all of the Buddha’s teachings of mindfulness, meditation, morality, and generosity. We have several meditation activities as well as other chances to learn the teachings.

As we are a Buddhist organization our aim is to help people to develop spiritually that provides true happiness and wisdom, by learning and studying the sublime teachings of the Gauthama Supreme Buddha,

  • Organizing charitable activities
  • Teaching people how to develop good qualities such as generosity, virtue, concentration.
  • Teaching people how to develop wholesome thoughts such as loving kindness and compassion.
  • ​Teaching how to collect good karma and to strengthen world peace practicing the Noble Eightfold Path that leads to ultimate liberation of Nirvana.

The Logo of the Mahamevnawa Buddhist meditation centre meaningfully illustrates the unsurpassed dispensation of the perfectly Enlightened Buddha. The wheel, containing 24 spokes represents the nine supreme qualities of the Buddha, the six supreme qualities of the Teachings of the Buddha(Dhamma) and the nine supreme qualities of the Holy order of Monks(Sangha).The Buddha’s preaching is stated as “The setting in motion  the incomparable wheel of Dhamma”. The wheel stands for the propagating the liberating Teachings of the Buddha as well.
Lion, the king of the forest is considered as so brave and powerful, so majestic and mighty. When he roars coming out from his lair, all the animals in the forest hear, listen and pay attention to that. So too, the Buddha, the fully Enlightened Buddha teaches his sublime doctrine as brave as a lion, that dispels all the sorrows and sufferings in the world, wise people  pay careful attention to that. The two majestic lions defending the incomparable wheel of Dhamma( Dhamma- the teachings of the Buddha ) directly stand for the unshakable bravery of the Thatagatha(Thatagatha- the Buddha).

The flag was originally designed in 1885 by the Colombo Committee, in Colombo, Sri Lanka.It was first hoisted in public on Vesak day(full moon day in the month of May), 28 May 1885 at the Dipaduttamarama, Kotahena, by Ven. Migettuwatte Gunananda Thera. This was the first Vesak public holiday under British rule


The six vertical bands of the flag represent the six colors of the aura which Buddhists believe emanated from the body of the Buddha when he attained Enlightenment:

Blue : The Spirit of Universal Compassion

Yellow : The Middle Way

Red : The Blessings of Practice – achievement, wisdom, virtue, fortune and dignity

White : The Purity of Dhamma – leading to liberation, timeless

Orange: The Wisdom of the Buddha’s teachings

The sixth vertical band, on the fly, is made up of a combination of rectangular bands of the five other colors, and represents a compound of the other five colors in the aura’s spectrum. This compound color is referred to as the Truth of the Buddha’s teaching Pabbhassara (‘essence of light’).


More About Us

Most Ven. Kiribathgoda Gnanananda Thero
Most Ven. Kiribathgoda Gnanananda TheroOur Founder

Ven. Kiribathgoda Gnanananda Thero is the founder of Mahamevnawa Buddhist Monastery. He was ordained on 26 March 1979 at the age of 17,  under Dambagssare Sumedhankara Thero and Dikwelle Pannananda Thero at Seruwavila. He received a traditional Buddhist academic education and entered the University of Sri Jayawardenepura. Having understood the inability to achieve what he wanted in a university, he quit and started visiting meditation centres and hermitages.

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About Mahamevnawa
About MahamevnawaOur main Monastery

Here the Buddha’s teachings are presented in simple language and style that is easy for everyone to understand. The uniqueness of Mahanevnawa is the effort to bring the Supreme Dhamma to the devotees in its original form. Consequently, both young and old devotees listen to Dhamma and practice virtue, concentration and wisdom to realize the Four Noble Truths revealed by the Supreme Buddha. Presently there are more than 800 disciple monks, more than 75 disciple nuns, and thousands of lay disciples practicing…

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Grand Temple of The Gautama Buddha
Grand Temple of The Gautama Buddha-Polgahawela, Sri Lanka -

The Siri Gautama Sambuddharaja Maligawa (Grand Temple of The Gautama Buddha) is one of the most beautiful Buddhist temples in Sri Lanka. This magnificent temple was completed in 2012 to honor the Gautama Buddha and to commemorate the 2600th anniversary of his enlightenment. The temple was built with the meritorious intentions and guidance of most venerable Kiribathgoda Gnanananda Thero,the founder of the Mahamevnawa monastery. The statues, paintings, carvings and all other art works in the temple are original creations of …

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