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Buddha Meditation Centre of Halton is a place for you to learn and practice the authentic teachings of the Buddha. We are a part of the ancient Theravada Buddhist Tradition which began 2600 years ago. We provide a variety of activities and meditation classes for both Buddhists and non-Buddhists who are interested in Buddhism and Theravada Buddhist Meditation. All the activities here are led by Buddhist Monks trained in the ancient Pali scriptures. We offer our all activities for free of charge to the public. You will find a friendly welcoming atmosphere when you visit the monastery. We hope by experiencing the teachings of the Buddha, you will find a path towards building a more joyful and compassionate life, for yourself and those you hold dear. Never been here before? Find out what to expect .

About Us

Siri Gauthama Bodhi Wandanawa

( Showing gratitude to the Secred Bodhi Tree)

Language : Sinhala

We pay our Vandana and offer pooja to the Siri Gauthama Bodhi Tree on the 25th  of March 2023 from 6.00 pm to 7.30pm at the Buddha Meditation Centre of Halton. We invite you all to collect a good Karma by showing our respect and gratitude to the Gauthama Supreme Buddha.


For more information contact asapuwa: 647 564 2607

Blood Donation Drive

Save a life

Join us to save lives

Date: June 15th

Venue:Acton Legion Hall, 15 Wright Avenue, Acton, ON, L7J 2T7

Time: From 5.05pm to 6.20pm

Join us with this great donation which saves many lives in our society. To book a spot, Contact us or sign in using the button below.

List of Events

Meditation class

Noble Silence

Language: English

When: Every Sunday from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Cost: Free

In Person 

Meditation class

Mindful Wednesday

Language: English

When: Every Wednesday from 7 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.

Cost: Free

In Person 

Dharma talk / Meditation / Chanting

Teenager’s Program

Language: English

When: Every Friday from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Join via Zoom: Click here to join

Dharma talk / Discussion / Meditation 

Ama Dam Vila

Language: Sinhala

When: Every Saturday from 7 p.m. to 8.30 p.m.

Join via Zoom: Click here to join

Dharma talk / Discussion / Meditation / Chanting

Monthly Sil Program

Language: Sinhala

When: Monthly on second Sunday from 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

In Person


Satipatthana Practice

Language: Sinhala

When: Monthly on first Sunday from 8.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m.

Join via Zoom: Click here to join


Sutta Chanting 

Language: Sinhala

When: Every Sunday  8.00 p.m. to 8.30 p.m.

Join via Zoom: Click here to join

Compassion / Loving-Kindness / Generous 

Humanitarian Projects

At the Buddha Meditation Center of Halton, we organize and help with multiple projects to those in need, including running blood drives, soup kitchens, food drives and more. As disciples of the Supreme Buddha, who spread loving kindness to all beings, our goal is to give and help with a heart filled with boundless compassion to those individuals facing difficult times.

Dharma Library

What To Expect

You’ve never been to a meditation centre or monastery before? No worries! You’ll feel at home soon. Find out what you can expect when you arrive a Buddhist meditation centre.

Event Calendar

Find information about our upcoming events. Here is the list of our events. All of our activities are free and open to the public. People of all backgrounds are welcome.

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Keep Anger at Bay – Buddha’s Way

Anger is part of day-to-day life. Do you not get angry if someone cuts you off while you are standing in line at the store? You do. We all become angry over things that happen against our wishes or words spoken by someone that we don’t like to hear. This is a common occurrence in our daily lives. 

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