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         Buddha Meditation Center of Halton is a place for you to learn and practice the authentic teachings of the Buddha. We are a part of the ancient Theravada Buddhist Tradition which began 2600 years ago. We provide a variety of activities and meditation classes for both Buddhists and non-Buddhists who are interested in Buddhism and Theravada Buddhist Meditation. All the activities here are led by Buddhist Monks trained in the ancient Pali scriptures. We offer our all activities for free of charge to the public. You will find a friendly welcoming atmosphere when you visit out monastery. We hope by experiencing the teachings of the Buddha, you will find a path towed building a more joyful and compassionate life, for yourself and those you hold dear. Never been here before? Find out what to expect .

What Do Buddhists Believe?

In general, Buddhists believe:

  • We are all responsible for our own actions.
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What Happens at a Monastery?

The life of a monastery revolves around following the instructions of the Buddha: practicing generosity, practicing virtue, and developing the mind.

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Theravada Buddhism

We are part of the oldest living Buddhist tradition in the world, Theravada. The teachings come from the Buddha named Sidhartha Gautama, often referred to as the historical Buddha.

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All forms of Buddhist meditation have one ultimate goal: the complete eradication of suffering from the human mind. The methods of meditation that the Buddha taught are in no way mystical or dependent on an outside force or energy. The Buddha sometimes compared his meditation training to the mundane task of washing one’s face. Just as there is a clear method to remove dirt from one’s face, so to there is a clear method to remove the problems from the mind that cause suffering: greed, hatred and delusion. When the mind has been cleansed of these three stains through meditation, then it can only be at peace.

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It’s true. Since the summer of 2015 our monastery has been operating peacefully in Acton. Over that time we have been a home for monks trained in the Theravada Buddhist tradition, all part of the Mahamevnawa (maha may oo NA wa) order based in Sri Lanka. We are dedicated to sharing the authentic teachings of the Buddha.


Many of the things the Buddha taught can be of benefit to people of all backgrounds. For example, many people find Buddhist meditation helps them to relax and have a more peaceful mind throughout the day. And the basic moral guidelines  the Buddha gave are shared, for the most part, with other major religions and modern secular values.

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The Buddha designed an organization that was perfectly suited to helping as many people as possible achieve the most happiness possible. For those who wanted to dedicate their lives completely to achieving the greatest happiness of full enlightenment he created the community of monks and nuns, also referred to as the Sangha. For those who wished to remain a part of the world while developing the wholesome qualities that lead to enlightenment, he created the community of lay disciples. These lay people usually observe the Five Precepts.

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You’ve never been to a meditation centre or monastery before? No worries! You’ll feel at home soon.

We know that it can be a little intimidating to visit a meditation centre or monastery for the first time. We do everything we can to make you feel welcome and comfortable. We hope that this will help you get the greatest benefit out of your time here. If you have questions about specific activities, check out the detailed descriptions on our activities page. And never hesitate to ask questions, either while you are here or before.


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